Website Services

Whether you are looking for a new website or optimising an existing one,
I can help you through the entire process.

Website Design / Redesign

All new websites are built with a "mobile first" approach as recommended by Google. Existing websites can also be migrated to a "mobile first" framework.

Working closely together during the consultation and planning process, we will ensure your requirements are understood and options discussed.

From the intial design concept and throughout the design process each step is signed off by you.

The development of the website uses standards compliant coding, optimising speed and search engine acquisition, without compromising on the look, feel and functionality of the website.

When it comes to the time to publish your website, a comprehensive checklist is completed to ensure that it performs as intended, and attracts clients.

After "Going Live", it's important to review performance and content on a regular basis. I will guide you through this process in order that your website continues to perform.

website design

SEO & Analytics

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategy for increasing rankings with search engines.

There are many factors that affect website rankings. Most important of all is content. Good quality content will attract the search engines and thereby traffic.

Once an SEO strategy has been developed, it's vital that outcomes are measured. It is possible to measure which content is attracting the most visitors, and where the content ranks for keywords and phrases.

Whilst it is great to see an increase in traffic and content performing well, analytics will identify what is not performing and can therefore be improved.

More advanced analytics implementation will also allow you to receive complex reports including ecommerce sales, interactions with elements on your website and which external sources are driving traffic to your website.

SEO & Analytics

Performance Optimization

You have but a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Unless a service is totally unique, most of them will click the "back" button (or bounce) if a website fails, or is slow to load. In other words slow websites will lose visitors and potential customers.

Having seen a massive increase in searches from mobile devices, it is important to not only check that your website is mobile friendly, but also delivers content to those users as fast as possible.

Google has stated that it will give preferential rankings to websites that perform well. They have developed a tool for testing your website performance, and you can test it for free below.

Check your website performance
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